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ETL Testing Training in Hyderabad | Online ETL Testing Training Hyderabad india | ETL Testing Training in ameerpet


ETL testing is very good and understandable tool in market. ETL Testing online training Etl testing plays very special key role in the market.ETL Testing means extract transforming and loading the data. Testing is the important phase in the real time life cycle. A structure well defines methodology involving compressive unit testing and system testing not only ensures smooth transition to the production environment but also a system without defects. RS Trainings providing very good online and classroom training on Etl testing in Hyderabad


ETL Testing Services are growing exponentially as organizations seek to migrate, track and consolidate their data warehouses. ETL stands for Extract Transform and Load. The ETL process is a 3 stage process that delivers data from source systems into a data warehouse. It is vital that data and systems are tested systematically before integration of data for errors, bugs, and inconsistencies. One of the greatest risks to success of any company implementing a business intelligence system is rushing a data warehouse into service without testing it effectively with an experienced QA, ETL testing service. Business intelligence (BI) is defined as the ability for an organization to take all its capabilities, knowledge, and information and convert them into data resources and house them. This produces large amounts of information which can lead to the development of new opportunities for the organization and the expansion of their data warehouse is at the core


Once businesses requirements are well understood and business concepts are clear, Quality Test maps and plans various aspects like, what is required, in what time frame, and what kind of resources will be utilized in the process. ETL TESTING ONLINE TRAINING When the requirements are clear and the business goals are understood, we validate them and get them vetted by the organizations owners.

Once this gets approved, a test plan is devised. The basis of test planning is always the test estimates, business requirements and scope of the work. Test cases are built along with the test scenarios based on the requirements and understanding. After the test cases are ready and get approved by our expert test lead, we move on to testing, verification and validation.

Rs Trainings is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide.We are providing etl testing online training with real time scenarios.

Course content: 

DataWare Housing Concepts: What is Data Ware House? Difference between OLTP and DataWare Housing Data Acquisition Data Extraction Data Transformation Data Loading Data Marts Dependent Data Mart Independent Data Mart Data Base Design Star Schema Snow Flake Schema Fact constellation Schema SCD(slowly changing dimension) Type-1 SCD Type-2 SCD Type-3 SCD Basic Concepts in SQL Overview of ETL Tool Architecture White Box and Black BOX Testing Functionality on Different Transformation Rules Data Ware House Life Cycle Different Types of Testing Techniques in ETL Minus Queing Count Queing ETL Testing Concepts Introduction What is use of testing What is quality & standards Responsibilities of a ETL Tester 2.Software development life cycle Waterfall model V-model Agile model & methodology Prototype model Spiral model 3.Testing methodologies White box testing Black box testing Grey box testing ETL Testing Work Flow Process How to Prepare the ETL Test Plan How to design the Test cases in ETL Testing. How to reporting the Bugs in ETL Testing ? ETL Testing Responsibilities in DataStage, Informatica, Abinitio etc; How to detect the bugs through database queries ETL Performing Testing & Performing Tuning